Prices (short, medium, long hair)

Cut & Style

you will have good looking hair for a long time, even when is wet, yes we promise you that
1450, 1550, 1650 Kč


yeap!  it will look good also the day after or longer
600,700, 800 Kč

Color, Cut & Style

shiny, healthy, any shade

2500, 2600, 2700 Kč

Highlights, Cut & Style

sunkissed hair, baby blond,  natural look or "notice me!" look
2800, 3200, 3500 Kč

Highlights, Color, Cut & Style

everything like above but with root  covering

3350, 3550, 3750 Kč

1/2 Highlights, Color, Cut & Style

color and then: "just a few highlights around the face" etc.
3150, 3350, 3550 Kč

1/2 Highlights, Cut & Style

just a  few around the face, natural look
2550, 2650, 2850 Kč

Men (Cut & Style)

a stylish, lot of scissors work with the perfect feeling for details
900 Kč

Men's color

try a special color for a man, it takes only 5 minutes. Even your wife will think that you have natural hair shade. No yellow shades, no roots line!

900 Kč


up to 12 years old
600 Kč

Junioři od 15 do 21

because we remember that period of time


Trendy color

look like a world star on main pages

6500 Kč

Color sections

california highlights,balayage, ombre etc.
3500, 3800, 4100 Kč

Prices (short, medium, long hair)


when you need to light up your hair we use healthy products so it will look nice and shiny after.

from 700 Kč

 Extra-long hair

you know.. more time, more material.
500 Kč

Hair treatments

Powerful and instant improving the quality of your hair with a scalp massage that feels and smells so good!
500 - 900 Kč


Wedding Updo

we have real experts for that.

3200 Kč


even from shorter hair! 

2500 Kč


Updo consultation

after 45 min. you go out with a big smile  and relaxed version of a future hairstyle

1050 Kč


Special hairstyle

for a special event, when its party time or you need to look like a model - we use hot tools after a blowout.

1500 Kč

Color without Cut

It's about the time


Kerasilk anti-frizz treatment

your hair remains wavy and voluminous, the hair will gain perfect shine but without frizzy hair, lasts up to 4-6 weeks.
from 3000 Kč  

If you wish it with color (right after coloring, the price is 1300 Kč

Kerasilk keratin treatment

A healthy way to get straight, smooth, shiny hair without a frizzy effect, lasts up to 3 - 5 months.  It also puts the volume down
from 4000- 6000 Kč

Powerplex/ K18

protects when your hair is damaged but you want white hair anyway. It can help but has its limits. 
350 Kč


Hair recovery

ampules, hair masque, quick and powerful

350 - 500 Kč